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As a child growing up in Nevada City, I came to know first-hand the delicious smells and tastes that emanate from a freshly baked fruit pie. My Mom could turn any of the fruit that we could glean into a delicious dessert, whether it be plums and apples from our yard, or wild blackberries that we gathered during our summer meanderings along Deer Creek.

When I returned to Nevada County in 1980, I started my family and my pediatrics practice, and continued the pie-making tradition in my home. In 2001 I helped start the KARE Crisis Nursery, a place where families can find welcoming nurturing respite and emergency care for their small children, and I have been highly involved there ever since. I have seen the powerful impact that KARE has had on our local families. I firmly believe that it has prevented the unraveling of many families and shielded young children from the “toxic stress” that we in the medical field now know can have long-lasting negative consequences.

The next chapter in my life has taken me to create “Dr. Sarah’s Pies”, which I hope will provide an additional income stream for the KARE Crisis Nursery, and will allow me to make many more fruit pies than I’d ever imagined. The pies are handmade, and infused with love, good music, and occasionally a little dancing in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy them, with the knowledge that the profits are going to a very worthwhile cause. - Dr. Sarah Woerner, MD


I Deliver

Pies are delivered to your door!

I generally need 1 days notice.


Don't Eat Pie but Want to Donate?

You can do that too!  Just click on Kare Crisis Nursery and it will take you right to their Donate Page.  Thank you!


Got Extra Fruit?

Donate your extra fruit to help make the pies to help the children of Kare Crisis Nursery. Contact us and we will pick it up!


How to get your pie

Email:    or phone: (530) 913-9770